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Total Time 1 hr. Servings 9. https://www.thebossykitchen.com/spanish-almond-cake-recipe-tarta-de-santiago An authentic recipe for the Spanish Almond Cake found on the Camino de Santiago. Course Dessert, Snack. Prep Time 20 mins. 1x 2x 3x. 1/2 … For this plush pound cake featured in this episode of Milk Street, Chris' team took a cue from Rose Carrarini of Rose's Bakery in Paris and replaced some of the wheat flour with almond flour, making the cake's crumb extra tender and moist. Ingredients . One bowl, eight ingredients and 10 minutes of work are all you need. Cuisine Gluten Free. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. The Tarta de Santiago is so classically Spanish in fact, that it was granted a Protected Geographical Indication in 2006. Aug 6, 2018 - Our light Spanish Almond Cake, or Tarta de Santiago, is as easy as it gets. The tarta de Santiago, or St. James cake, is a simple Spanish almond cake that is naturally gluten-free. Cook Time 40 mins. It finds it’s origins in the Spanish region of Galicia, where it is also known as the Torta de Santiago because that’s its name in the Galician language. This means that the government set out regulations as to the recipe and location of origin from which a St. James Cake could originate in commerce to be marked as “authentic.” 4.67 from 9 votes.

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