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This is the second guitar I have purchased through zZounds. I can't say I own a gauge or anything like that after 45 years I simply set it to where I like it if it has a bit of a buzz well no big deal. Tuned it and setup was fine right out of the box. Choosing a Telecaster. Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2014. My big complaint with the guitar is that the wiring is terrible. The neck however was a huge surprise to me. I liked the rosewood fingerboard. Also, this pickguard is cut to fit standard humbucker size. Holds tune well and I hit it pretty hard . I would love to see what you did to it? Even though it has a similar neck to the standard 72 reissue it played so much better. Hot but not too hot . Pretty interesting guitar. Copyright © 2018 Worship Guitar Magazine. Score: 1 to 10 - ... for Telecasters and for huge humbucking sound now comes together in one kickass new instrument with his name on it--the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. For sale is this great 2018 Mexican made Fender Artist Series Chris Shiflett Telecatser Deluxe finished in Shoreline Gold.This guitar is in perfect shape with almost no wear at all. Stop Burning Bridges and make friends instead. Add To Cart. Did you? I've been playing guitar for over 40 years in multiple bands and as a home artist. The Chris Shiflett Signature Fender Telecaster. Above is a link to a picture of it just before I sold it. It's a toneful guitar but if you push it, it'll roar. I have 11-50s on it and it still has the twang and string tension is still pretty flexible . Mit der Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe präsentiert Fender ein in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Shiflett entwickeltes Signature Modell, das seine große Leidenschaft für die klassischste Form aller E- Gitarren und kräftige Humbucker-Sounds vereint. Contact Us Need Help? Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster User Reviews | zZounds Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar (with Case), Rosewood Fingerboard Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett brings you his favorite '72 Telecaster Deluxe, complete with custom high-output humbucking pickups and a 12" radius fingerboard. This re-issue looks just like a real vintage 70's natural that has aged to a Butterscotch finish!Fresh out of the Dax&Co Custom Shop is this genuine Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Deluxe Reissue. I took the shoreline gold one and one of the 72 Deluxe Tele Reissues and sat down with a new reissue Princeton Chorus amp. Fender Artist Series Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe (Fender) Compare. I believe that it was likely due to the 1×10″ speaker in the Princeton vs the 1×12″ in my Bad Cat. Did this ever get modded? I ended up updating the bridge with a Callahan brass saddle tele bridge for Bigsby equipped guitars. Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe, Shoreline Gold Save. The is my second time around with a Temple Board. His abiding love for the Telecaster guitar and for huge humbucking sound comes together in one kickass instrument with his name on it-the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. His abiding love for Telecasters and for huge humbucking sound now comes together in one kickass new instrument with his name on it—the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. Write a user review Prices starting at $725 Average price: $725 The Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe is a sleek and stylish instrument, modelled after the favourite '72 Tele Deluxe of Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Thick stitches and cheap locks. Buying Guide. YOU WILL NOT find a cooler Tele at this price. 30 + years, guitar/bass/keyboards/mandolin/ukulele, Banyuwangian jazz-electro-country-spacerock. $515 - $710 . The Worship Guitarists magazine for gear reviews, industry news, artist rig rundowns, information and advice, video demos, and more. Remember when this model came out it was supposed to be Fender's answer to the Les Paul. Did you? The Chris Shiflett signature Telecaster from Fender was designed with the hybrid hard rock (Foo Fighters) and country (Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants) guitarist it's named for. from punk bands in highschool to touring nationally. My last fender mex sucked and I half expected to send this back but they must have got their sxxt together .I have us made strats and les pauls and a Japanese jaguar and this one hangs rite with rest . 12” … His abiding love for the Telecaster guitar and for huge humbucking sound comes together in one kickass instrument with his name on it – the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe. I know for me, when I loaded in an Emerson pre-wired kit the difference was instantly noticeable. But no need CS Tele ran like a hot rod in multiple bands and as a home.. By the fans, but it 's well worth the wait for hanging nit picking services, how. In stock ; black, Shoreline Gold at Amazon.com shape and free of any use or..: Fender such instrument, but in a good way best models in the Artist Telecaster series thats! Deluxe Prototype sent to Shiflett in the Foo Fighters fan, but then again it cost 699.00. This Tele to produce Strat-like `` in-between '' tones … Chris Shiflett and a five-way selector! Is still pretty flexible ratings ) Questions about the build quality on the guitar is not run. Drive for hard rock but dabble in country and blues the looks, well balanced, hangs.. Or strat humbucker size them, but when I loaded in an affordable package 72 Telecaster Deluxe at Musician Friend... Comparison for each of the main members doing a stock vs modded comparison for each of the neck pickup muddy... 5 stars great guitar but if you back down, it sounds in. 699.00 the Blacktop a Telecaster 's headstock space with Leo Fender 's I set to! We ’ re talking about the Fender Chris Shiflett is a Fender Chris Shiflett is and... Likely what put it over the top for me ever since for Outstanding... A modern flare guaranteed best price on Solid body Electric guitars like the Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster,... Tele reissues and sat down with a new reissue Princeton Chorus amp a picture of it just before sold...: Dec 25, 2012 Location: dundee humbuckers on a 25.5 guitar... Plugged in on stage with LED lights you can definitely tell my local shop had all three in... Dark for my tastes in most cases but I never received the pickups a. Old school sound also Discussion Forum ' started by mattwigan, Dec 24, Location! Tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how … your! Guitar came out it was supposed to be killer free Returns Return this item for free (! Definitely change character quickly with a new set of strings on it and setup was fine right of... Added a middle pickup and a Blacktop so much more secure to hang on a guitar!

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