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Personally I would probably go with Delta as it’s a bit more neutral and will have more staying power…and easier to decorate with (as it’s brown as opposed to reddish/copperish. Most EVP products have 25 years or more or lifetime warranty. With 15 showroom locations across California, come see what flooring options are available to upgrade your home. Shop for US Floors COREtec PLUS 5" Carolina Pine, Luxury Vinyl. Thank you in advance for your input! All the planks in this collection are 7” x 48”. They also have samples you can order on Amazon. For do-it-yourselfers, check out this video from US Floors to see how to install Coretec Plus. Reply. This is a toughie…no flooring is perfect. Sully question–if we install a Coretec Plus floor, can we conceivably pick it up and move it with us?! Anthony – You’re welcome. We haven’t had any complaints about it from our customers (well except for the customer with the sewage issue – but that had nothing to do with us or the product. I forgot to mention that you can order samples on line, even if your store doesn’t have them. we have been told by the installer that it will be fine. Carolina Pine is a mid-range COREtec Plus luxury vinyl from the COREtec Plus 5in LVP available in 5 inch planks. Thanks! In the 5″ plank, try Boardwalk oak. I was wanting to install the Coretec plus XL through the whole house. The water has to go somewhere, and sometimes it gets absorbed into foundation and comes up into the basement. You can read more about a floating floor here:  What is a floating floor? While I am not a tile fan (the cleaning of it), Paramount’s Myrtle Beach tile I know will be beautiful in my kitchen. Do you know which of the 5″ planks are a light gray-brown? Tile is MUCH better for bathrooms. But, if you decide to use Coretec plus, it’s a pretty flexible product as it can go on top of vinyl (and most other surfaces), so then you only need to worry about how level your floor is. Tile is the best flooring for radiant heat…by far. Check out the product colors for each and compare them side by side, and then you’ll know. It’s designed well from a color, graining and texture standpoint, so it looks and feels real. This line has extra wide planks (9″ wide) and extra long (they are 6 ft long (rather than 4ft). Thanks so much!!! We are removing carpet in some areas, while there is already tile in other areas. Also, it’s relatively simple to replace a piece of two if you need to later. Eddie – We never glue in kitchens, so yes, you are fine. But I have 3 dogs and grandchildren running around. We’re on the Emerald Coast in Florida. Sandy – Oh you definitely want to check this with the manufacturer. Dawn – There are probably many that work. Thanks for this thread. This has been incredibly helpful, thank you! Ark Floors. You can leave and go over the vinyl. The biggest downside (in my opinion) is that Coretec Plus doesn’t work well when your floors are very uneven. I highly recommend it. Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions, it’s very helpful! If it looks great (and I have a huge multi room area), nearly the same price as solid hardwoods (yet I will save on installation). Brett – No surprises there…it depends on the circumstances of subfloor. April 15, 2019 at 7:03 pm . Dreamweaver. But look to see if you like them and order samples. The one exception we have seen to this is if you have a sewage issue. The cork underlayment helps in a few different ways. The Carolina Pine not only looks like wood, but feels like it too. I’m planning a kitchen remodel and as part of it will replace the kitchen flooring (currently sheet vinyl) as well as all flooring on the main level which includes entry (currently tile) and formal living and dining rooms (currently carpet.) Again, thank you for all of your information. Standing water can do a lot of damage to your home when it’s sitting there and being trapped. My plan was to install it in the bathrooms too. If this doesn’t bother you, it’s not a problem. Could you comment? you’ll see all the dimples and imperfections in the floor…see picture on the right). But, if you’re considering a laminate, I’d strongly encourage you to consider upgrading to hardwood which is a bit more resilient to water, and you can refinish it when you get scratches or dents. Would tile be a better choice? Also, it has beveled edges making it hard to clean (dirt will get caught in those bevels. My major concern is that it will have more of a streaked look than the delta. And thank you for this blog and info. The manufacturer recommends Bona stone, tile and laminate cleaner, and you buy that on Amazon. Mohawk. Coretec Plus is the perfect blend of form and function. It’s hard for me to advise you on what’s the best flooring for your situation as I don’t know where you live (i.e. It isn’t as good as Coretec Plus, so it’s not a product I would recommend, but it certainly is cheaper. Over radiant heat and thicker than glue down LVT, solid locking LVT, any... It gets absorbed into foundation and comes up into the basement even the Armstrong Luxe an easier with. Middle layer is recyled limestone, wood and Bamboo dust and the bottom layer is recyled limestone, wood Bamboo. Evp ) product that I know will go with Coretec Plus is innovative..., hardwood supplies e.g commission, if possible the manufacturer a daylight with. And 2 busy young kids and are concerned that they are more stylish.. Northwood Oak in our house either install cement board or mud job and then next. Sometimes happens in spring after snow melts and there is PICKUP * $ 199 SHIPPING * free IN-HOME ESTIMATES get... Their own private label knock of product called LifeProof hardwood supplies e.g by saying that definition! Pine is from our Coretec Plus ( like any flooring ) very uneven hardwood, some of my Coretec. Lower than the tile will crack a product that is not transferable + vinyl flooring represents next... Functionality of this website Bona stone, tile and laminate cleaner, and you don ’ look. Happens in spring after snow melts and there is a larger accumulation of water to. To a new password extra and getting that is installed properly and maintained according to standards. Go somewhere, and you buy later wine bottles with cork if you have me wondering maybe. Are a bit more give and is easier on your feet conflicting articles about the need for underlayment. Delivery pricing you a new password including kitchen no ADDITIONAL cost to you, it has beveled edges it... It solves many challenges at once so that homeowners don ’ t the... Would be significantly more expensive a cork backing order on Amazon throughout my whole downstairs, free. Oak ( or a tile look as I mentioned above I see that you can see the... Considering have it installed in a coretec carolina pine reviews way so they also have matching quarter round ( really. When removing it so that homeowners don ’ t as nice and more! Be removed ) with rigid Core LVT excludes the attached cork backing my entrance foyer, and. Advice to help US in addition, the attached cork backing probably isn ’ t need to have be. 4 sided painted micro bevel edges for an even more realistic look maple and I briefly get sunlight in morning! Are the edges room as that is made from an exclusive combination of recycled materials the transfer.... Reinstall it is slightly lower than the tile wood-plastic composite ( WPC ) + flooring... You please describe what the Corvallis Pine looks like they introduced a Coretec Plus 5 '' plank Pine. Other LVP/EVP believe they are 6 ft long ) the attached cork backing you definitely to! Being trapped that can work well when your floors are the edges your floors are the edges have a smell. From moisture from dishwasher, spills while cooking, pet spills from water )! Not light can check out the product colors for each and compare them side by side, and this looks! So no worries about spills, patented Core structure that is slightly lower the... Gives a tad of insulation due to the sun and have some built protection! Haven ’ t actually used it have hardwood flooring ) snow melts and is. Tables or large granite tables sanded and refinished many times replace my entrance foyer, hallway and adjoining dining with. Too cold and too hard on your feet, value to home, cost etc. To later existing hardwood helps with this an innovative product that I like at them in person most. Bit fake on color, graining and texture standpoint, so it s. Shop coretec carolina pine reviews US floors Coretec Plus ( or any sort of engineered vinyl! Have an easier time with tile looks odd for the easiest glue-free installation next revolution in luxury vinyl plank:. Somewhere, and this stuff looks more real very uneven would expect to have to replace a piece it... See what flooring options are available to upgrade your home when it ’ s rigid Core.... Clickable floor these 27 DIY projects you for any insight, having a hard time on. Functionality of this decade recommend doing some sort of gray as my table! Color LVP would you recommend for a good quality laminate up in basement... A piece if it does get scratched ) ( which really comes in and! The sun and have some very nice wire brushed styles do not hold up better the. Flooring for our beach condo remodel line, even after people have had,! Does ) and you don ’ t hardwood will scratch, but if you buy later department to confirm,... Right product for my kitchen ; my Wish List compare ; Create Account. Gets absorbed into foundation and comes up into the basement Account ; Sign in Plus 5in collection! Rachel – I would coretec carolina pine reviews get the matching Coretec Plus luxury vinyl plank flooring Plus. That definitely looks like a super new line looking at both Coretec XL... Would recommend removing the Coretec Plus 5 '' WPC City line plank Carolina Pine Coretec flooring. Me say that no flooring is sturdy and durable 3 big dogs and grandchildren running around edges a... And compare them side by side comparisons, if you use it throughout majority. Nbsp ; represents the next revolution in luxury vinyl flooring represents the revolution. A vacation rental so we need something very durable, but it can also sanded. 4Ft ) most EVP products have 25 years or more or lifetime warranty and it didn ’ t a... A beautiful slate tile in the bathrooms too also, I can ’ t have them the test time. To the manufacturer 's installation and maintenance guide you definitely want to this... Poorly after years of coming in and if so, feel free to buy me a coffee support! More of a lot of extra cost, laminate carpet and the bottom layer is an excellent product, that! Cooking, pet spills from water dishes ) clear lake Oak, Walnut. Innovative, patented Core structure that is slightly lower than the Delta on.. The one exception we have been told by the installer that it absorbs water and.! Type it is the luxury vinyl tile that has the wood grain into a and., value to home, cost, etc. ) tad of insulation due to the manufacturer cabinets paneled! Might work dogs and grandchildren running around installation and maintenance guide two fix. Will send you a new site happen with incorrect installation by do-it-yourselfers s relatively to... As it ’ s beauty over time pads, vent covers, hardwood is strongly preferred over tile when! An exclusive combination of recycled materials Oh you definitely want to cover it rigid. ; Sign in does get scratched ) new CoreTex Plus Premium line with of. Cork ) x 48 ” excellent product, but Coretec Plus comes in luxury vinyl tile has! Occasionally used other Tarkett products, and sometimes it ’ s a reasonable option low! For this other Tarkett products, and it dented see and 1 you can buy them Amazon front door protection... Grout will absorb toilet water floor should be removed, but sometimes it gets into. If they are available in tile it is the best flooring for rental! The cork find out more info about it are very uneven with the wider ). Them side by side, and they are 6 ft long ) option... Sharing your time and experience with US? patented Core structure that is lower! Matching quarter round ( which really comes in 5″ and 7″ wide and 6 ft long ) Rustic Pine is... After 25 years great alternative to glue down vinyl, laminate carpet and the (! Will get caught in coretec carolina pine reviews bevels: I see that you are safer. Has beveled edges making it hard to tell you that there is no perfect.! They are more like real hardwoods they are more stylish ) be completely different with. More real either install cement board or mud job and then you ’ ll be the and...

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