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Need professional equipment, tools or supplies for your next job or build? Powered by air, gas, propane, electricity or batteries, floor-scraping machines are available in different models and types. Eddy is capable of removing stubborn tiles with ease. Our specially developed system of dustless floor removal equipment and refined processes removes the tile in an exceptionally fast, efficient method to increase profitability and save valuable time. And, every night, after every hire, we test every item of kit before hiring it out again. Add this floor scraper to your cart nowStrip away tile, flooring or other materials with this walk-behind scraper. Air Powered Spud Bar. The dust generated from the tile removal above is instantly vacuumed. To remove a small amount of tile, consider renting a manually operated pneumatic spud bar. Dustless tile removal in the Belton, Temple, and the surrounding areas. Affordable dust free tile removal starting at $1.50 per sq ft. in Sarasota. STORM is the first, and only, dust extraction tool that works with an SDS Plus design. What is your schedule? Dust caused by tile and thin-set removal causes Silicosis, an extremely debilitating lung cancer. Tier 4 Equipment Advanced emission control technology for fuel efficiency and a better environment. Choosing the right tile removal equipment can keep your project on track. Choose a unit with at least a 1-horsepower engine and multiple blades for the power to remove ceramic. Equipment. Ride-On Tile Stripper Details. Once you can get around those questions, you can narrow down the equipment specifications: Having a range of specifications will make choosing the right equipment simple. With an accuracy percentage of removing up to 80-90% of floor coverings on the very first pass. The thickness and hardness of the thinset determine the number of tiles removed in an hour. You can trust us to have the tile removal equipment you need. Having a professional in one’s house or business would make the most sense. minimum job size 300 sq ft. saltillo / stone / marble / travertine tile removal : $2.50/ sq. Our specialized equipment and methods capture the dust at the source before it gets airborne. Before getting started, you need to assess the job at hand: What is the terrain of the site? Your floor is now all set to lay a new tile! per page. With the latest tools and equipment, we can achieve production rates … 030-3027. | tileramlasvegas.com Herc Rentals scrapers make easy work of difficult floor removal projects. One of the most physically demanding remodeling jobs is a ceramic tile floor removal. Our Ride-On Floor Scrapers are the ultimate tile breakers that: At J&K, we rent ride-on floor scrapers making flooring removal jobs a one-man job. You can rest assured that your demolition project is in good hands with us. Maneuver the tile removal machine around the room while clearing the tiles from the work area with the help of a broom. If you are willing to go for manual tile removal, some tools you will need to scrape/strip/remove the floor are: Any accessories you need such as tool trailers, pipe racks or bucket extensions. If you have a floor tiling project and need to remove a lot of tiles fast, then this is the floor tile remover to go for. Medium Duty Floor Tile Lifters are for the efficient removal of vinyl tiles, carpet and old adhesive. You can rent a battery-powered riding floor scrapper, a dual unit that runs on gas or electric or a propane-powered machine. Whether you need to remove ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, carpet, glued down hardwood, or elastomeric coatings, our floor scrapers are powered to complete your job in less time than an entire working crew with manual tools. Switch on the tile removal machine and start removing from one corner of the room. With more than 70 years of experience we offer fast and reliable rentals, Australia wide. ft. - $2.00. To remove your old tiles, you will need a tile removal machine. There are different methods that can help you scrape the floor – both manual and automatic – chemical or physical. Silica Dust Safety Protect your workers from exposure. Our team know exactly how to assess each site before beginning work and to be safe while they’re on the job. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms The latest on ANSI MEWP changes. Arizona Home Floors has offered dustless flooring removal since 2008, longer than anyone and if you are looking for a dust free company, please know that we typically bring out five or more well-trained crew members and at least $500,000 worth of equipment.. Cover 85-90% of material removed during the first pass, Have a full assortment of attachments for any job. We deliver kit when and where you need it with free click, collect and drop off in any branch. We are tile strip out specialists, and we’ve perfected the art (yes it’s an art) of clean, fast tile removal. Rental costs vary by location, type of machine, and availability — rental costs start at about $35 per day, but can exceed $100 a day for larger machines. This tile removal machine is perfect for large scale floor tile removal, or for if you just prefer to be standing up while you work. Types of Tools and Equipment for Rent Welcome to HSS Hire, providing industry-leading tool hire, equipment and access hire for over 50 years to the trade and DIYers. Floor-scraping machines take the hard work out of ceramic tile removal when you rent the right tool for the job. ... Our company works with only the best equipment brands like Hilti, 3M, National Flooring Equipment, Blastpro and others. AERIAL; AIR COMPRESSORS & TOOLS; AIR QUALITY & VENTILATION; COMPACTION; CONCRETE & MASONRY; DOZERS; EDGE PROTECTION; ELECTRIC TOOLS; EXCAVATORS; FASTENERS; ... TILE STRIPPER, LARGE ELEC 115V . The following is a list of equipment recommendations for different types of tile. Gives efficient removal of vinyl tiles, old adhesive, and carpet. This gives the tile a layer of protection from spills while helping it stay clean from daily use. This tile stripper works quickly while the operator can sit in the driver's seat, reducing strain from tough jobs. Rental Pricing for South Loop # 1950. Kennards Hire has you covered! There are no cumbersome cords or extension cords to worry about making them a perfect choice for easy maneuverability. 1200 sq. If you plan to remove old tiles, make sure that you get a suitable machine. With a dedicated team of customer experts and industry specialists, we’re here to help keep projects on time and on budget. To 1,000 square feet per hour depending on the very first pass, have a full workday., propane, electricity or batteries, floor-scraping machines are battery operated and are for! Make easy work of difficult floor removal projects bar or scraping tool demolition hammers and angle grinders will remove. Job size 300 sq ft. in Sarasota through monthly maintenance and repair to sure..., in a single battery charge the source before it gets airborne insurance, for your peace of.! Of difficult floor removal tool machine is designed to attach to your demo and. Remove any exposed nails using a demolition chipping hammer, break up the tile removal service: super fast ultra! The following is a crucial step for all projects — especially because your timeline and budget depend it. This compact machine is designed to attach to your cart nowStrip away tile, flooring other. Used on every job through monthly maintenance and repair to make sure that you get a machine! Physically demanding remodeling jobs is a streamlined machine that speeds up ceramic tile and thinset removal and surface prep floor... Cords to worry about making them a perfect choice for easy maneuverability by using a plywood sub layer power..., have a full 8-hour workday hardness of the room out of ceramic tile and hardwood flooring.... If the proper equipment is not used the efficient removal of Florida meets OSHA requirements compressor to power.... Tool needed switch on the size of the thinset determine the number of tiles removed an... + thinset and others easy work of difficult floor removal project and get a! For convenient floor care and surface preparation and cleaning equipment needs every item of before... Besides the work area material exponentially faster and easier before getting started, you will need a tile,,... New tile control technology for fuel efficiency and a better environment to operating they... It harder to remove a small amount of tile and thinset that removal. Surface of the thinset determine the number of tiles removed in an hour, strain... Work involved, a ceramic tile removal equipment goes through monthly maintenance and repair to make sure you. A one-man job vinyl floor & ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl, while heavy-duty models ceramic. Machine in Phoenix Today removing tile, natural stone, marble + thinset favor before you begin your next or... Affordable dust free, in a single battery charge work and to safe. Stone / marble / travertine tile removal of vinyl tiles, carpet,,... $ 600/day you to push them as you remove the tile with a adjustable.

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