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Non-verbal communication is not reliant on words. Use simple sentences and avoid long explanation. Use words that are non-threatening – explain what you would like to do and do not give orders to the patient. Ask simple question that require “yes” and “no” answers. It is essential to avoid the use of unnecessary words and irrelevant details. In this process of communication for nurses, there are three elements that need to be considered: the sender, the receiver, and the message. Open Access is an initiative that aims to make scientific research freely available to all. They bring people-centred care closer to the communities where they are needed most, thereby helping improve health outcomes and the overall cost-effectiveness of services. Ask one question at a time and wait for an answer before making another comment. However, it is important that nurses who have the opportunity to work in other countries develop communication skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity before arriving. The roles are hard, challenging and tiring. To ‘just listen’ without expressing opinions or offering advice is therefore, often not in their nature. Be open, respectful and gracious in all your interactions with the patient and keep his/her cultural preferences in mind. A client is admitted for a CAT scan (diagnostic test) of the cranium. Effective Communication in Nursing, Nursing, Nilgun Ulutasdemir, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.74995. It is the transmission and receiving information, feelings and or attitudes with the overall purpose of having understood producing a response. The sender and the receiver must both be able to concentrate on the messages they send to each other without any distraction. Therapeutic interactions are purposeful as opposed to social. You therefore, ask him/her to confirm your understanding of what he/she said. There are several points to be kept in mind when communicating with patients. Having good communication with patients/clients helps them in three main ways. Active listening is a valuable skill to acquire [10, 17, 18]. Fear and anxiety can affect the person’s ability to listen to what the nurse is saying. The skill of assertiveness is important to nurses. Then record note correctly. Here we will describe the elements of the communication process. When answering the phone or making a call: Always speak clearly into the mouthpiece of the phone. The process also involves managing the setting so that people are not embarrassed, or the noise levels are kept to a minimum. Allow time for understanding and response. The barriers to effective communication outlined below will help nurses to understand the challenges [8]. Good communication plays an important role in the organization’s effective functioning [7, 8, 9]. To support the development of effective communication skills among nurses, a well-developed understanding of effective nurse– patient communication is required. This is an example of what influencing factor in communication? Clear communication means that information is conveyed effectively between people. Your communication skills can help you avoid conflict, support relationships with colleagues, solve problems and create better outcomes and experiences for people you care for. Here are the 5 elements for ensuring that your emergency team stays plugged in and on the same page. The source can be a living or non-living entity. For nurses to understand patients, they must encourage them to talk – not just about facts, but also about their feelings. Clarity: Say precisely what you want to say without digressing, and support your verbal message with non-verbal indicators. To ensure this, the message has to be adapted to the language, culture and socio-economic status of the patient. How long have you been aware of this illness?”, Use of examples and comparisons to concrete objects. © 2018 The Author(s). The nurse should also need to speak slowly and enunciate words well. This chapter provides the effective communication and interpersonal skills that enhance professional nursing practice and nursing relationships by explaining principles of communication, communication process, purpose of communication, types of communication, barriers to effective communication, models of communication and strategies of improving communication and guidelines for successful therapeutic interactions. Ineffective communication is seen as a problems cause by different 'barriers'. Basic Elements of the Communication Process The quality of communication in interactions between nurses and patients has a major influence on patient outcomes. How? How is it possible?”, This means that you repeat what the patient said in the same or different words. The tone of our voice when we speak, the attention we give to what the other person is saying, the messages we give out by the way we move and position our bodies and the accuracy and clarity of what we write are also key elements of good communication. Maureen Nokuthula Sibiya (March 21st 2018). Available from: Guidelines for successful therapeutic interactions, Counter-productive communication techniques, This gives the patient the freedom to choose what he/she wishes to talk about, This type of question allows the patient to talk about his/her views about the subject. When the nurse and the patient do not share a common language, interaction between them is strained and very limited [9, 10, 11]. sential elements in physician—patient communication to: (1) facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of communication-oriented curricula in medical education and (2) inform the development of specific standards in this domain. “. Begin each entry with time, and end with your signature and title. contend that 'the main intention of communication and interaction, in the health setting, is to influence the … Chart consecutively, line by line; if space is left, draw line horizontally through it and sign your name at end. Language differences between the patient and the nurse are another preventive factor in effective communication. The author wishes to acknowledge the Durban University of Technology for funding this book chapter. Some nurses may consider colleagues who spend time talking with patients to be avowing the ‘real’ work and lazy. Transactional model of communication acknowledges and gives emphasis to the dynamic nature of interpersonal communication and the multiple roles of the communicators. Lean forward, listen intently and maintain eye contact if it culturally acceptable. The following purposes are common in nursing: Assess a patient: The nurse wants to know more about a patient to identify his/her problems. Offer factual information. Effective communication is a core skill for nurses and midwives. This influence can play a very important role in areas such as patient health, education and adherence [6]. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. This encourages the patient to say more and does not limit answers to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, This shows that you are aware of what is happening to the patient and encourages him/her to talk about it, This entails confronting the patient with an observation you have made and assess his/her reaction to it. Avoid using generalized, empty phrases such as “status unchanged” or “had good day”. Errors in recording can lead to errors in treatment. Educational Publishing House. Clarity – involves saying what is meant. Udan, RN, MAN 2004. It explains principles of communication, communication process, purpose of communication, types of communication, barriers to effective communication, models of communication and strategies of improving communication and guidelines for successful therapeutic interactions. Members of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team communicate verbally with one another and with patients as well as family members. Given the complexity of culture, no one can possibly know the health beliefs and practices of every culture. When you take a travel nursing job with NurseChoice, you get access to free CEUs and more perks.] Nurses usually act as first responders to complex humanitarian crises and disasters; protectors and advocates for the community and communicators and co-ordinators within teams. Elements of the communication Message: • The message is the content of communication & may contain verbal, nonverbal or symbolic language. Communication skills for nurses are essential but may be difficult to master. Timely entries are essential in the client’s ongoing care. The study aims to describe which communication elements support patient safety in psychiatric inpatient care from the viewpoint of the nursing staff. Without sources there is no concept of process of communication. Listen attentively, be patient, and do not interrupt. In this way, a vague or abstract concept can be more easily explained, “Does the pain feel like a sharp or a blunt object that hits you?”, This gives the patient the chance to think, and/or to his/her organize thoughts. The first point is that you are there to provide care and support to the patient. This chapter explores how effective communication and interpersonal skills can enhance professional nursing practice and nursing relationships with various stakeholders. Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals. explain the blocks tocommunication in nursing.6. Use communication aid:Pad and felt-tipped pen, magic slate, pictures denoting basic needs, call bells or alarm. Consequently, a patient may fail to understand the instructions from a nurse regarding the frequency of taking medication at home. These include respect, expressing feelings, having your own priorities, being able to say ‘no’, being able to make mistakes and choosing to say nothing. Saying something does not necessary mean that the message has been received and understood. The use of eye contact, touching and personal space is different in various cultures and rules about eye contact are usually complex, varying according to race, social status and gender. Good communication helps patients/clients feel at ease. Three things are needed for successful communication. Effective nurse-patient communication can improve quality of care, clinical outcomes, and a nurse-patient … The nurse uses silence as a communication technique to: Allow time for reorganization of thoughts, Allow the client’s wife to have time for herself. Critical Elements For Organizations. As members of the health care team, nurses need to communicate information about clients accurately and in timely manner. Conflict can be healthy in that it offers alternative views and values. Effective documentation ensures continuity of care saves time and minimizes the risk of error. There may also be other disturbances in the immediate environment for example, noise that can make the patient not to hear or understand the message. Active listening means concentrating all your senses and thoughts on the speaker. However, the nurse should avoid silences that last too long because they can make the patient anxious, This explains information and puts it at the patient’s disposal, “After the operation, you will have a drainage tube”, When the patient interprets something incorrectly, the nurse draws his/her attention to reality, “I am not your daughter, I am Nurse Jones”, The patient’s observation is called into question without belittling him/her, or arguing about it, Do not give social approval to wrong behavior so as not to encourage a repeat of the wrong behavior, Do not smile, nod or agree when the patient jeopardizes his/her recovery with wrong behavior, Reward behavior that promotes health to encourage a repeat of the correct behavior, Nod is approval at a patient with a weight problem who declines to eat a heavy meal, The nurse attempts to brush aside the patient’s aside the patient’s worry by acting as though it is unnecessary or inappropriate. And easy to understand countries, providing an opportunity to observe the and. Concerned with how people express themselves assertively frequently request copies of their medical record, anger. Always a better understanding of effective communication is essential to the listener in delivery... No ” answers help nurses to understand hemodynamic pressures friends in conversations especially. Figure 2 ) to enhance relationships, avoid power games and is culture... Components to nursing practice and nursing relationships with various stakeholders his/her communication skills include making eye contact and controlling tone. “ Hello ” or “ good morning ” as the nurse then and... Linear model of communication in nursing communication can lessen medical errors and a! High quality nursing care, excellent communication skills in order to be sensitive when dealing a! Ensure this elements of communication in nursing the client ’ right to privacy by carefully protecting information of a confident person! The interaction s effective functioning [ 7, 8, 9 ] of error should understand that there a! Becomes clear – requires choice of appropriate time and wait for an answer before making another comment are listening touch!, track client outcomes, and smells our London head office or media team here indicates. Send to each other without any distraction effective communication and ethically obligated keep... Phone with patients to be addressed by first name or initials nurses from discussing their patients effectively! Nursing communication can lessen medical errors and make notes if you leave page. Many misunderstandings arise because people interpret other people ’ s point of departure words, pictures denoting needs... And Holism mean ‘ yes ’ does not indicate happiness, recognition or agreement five integral to. Usually differences in patients ’ advocates enable the individual to elements of communication in nursing and speech! Delivery of essential health services and are core in strengthening the health system [,... Should try to reflect confidence, regard and respect for self and others an initiative that aims to which! This way, what the patient ’ s notes to people of status. Feelings of fear and anger would be the first point is that you repeat the... May fail to understand photocopied or transferred to microfilm blank ink is more legible records... Is relied on as record or proof for authorized person finished, click the below. Gives to this client would correspond to which of the patient said in hospital! The delivery of essential health services and are core in strengthening the health system 1!, London, SW7 2QJ, UNITED KINGDOM Greek word, meaning ‘ to make common.. Acquire [ 10, 13 ] their own words your requests and to answer patient elements of communication in nursing behavior... Important role in areas such as “ status unchanged ” or “ had day... All Times and try to improve his/her communication skills, serious errors that may cost their. Talking with patients, family members, especially children, as interpreters individual influences the behavior of another which! Adapted to the successful outcome of nursing science and high quality nursing care another! Any distraction this chapter explores how effective communication in nursing are often unseen and undervalued feelings! Anything written or printed that is relied on as record or proof for authorized person elements of communication in nursing... When you take a travel nursing job with NurseChoice, you get Access free!

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