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The cultural evolution of prosocial religions Ara Norenzayan Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada Hello/ Kia ora/ Ni sa bula, and welcome/ haere mai/ bula vinaka to my website! Ara Norenzayan Professor email phone 604 827 5134 location_on Office address: CIRS Room 4354 | Mailing address: 2136 West Mall launchGoogle Scholar launchLab Website launchPersonal Website View Courses invisibleResearch AreasSocial & Personality EducationPhD, University of Michigan, 1999 AboutDr. I am also a Fellow of the Victoria University of Wellington Centre… I work as a Senior Lecturer in Cross-cultural Psychology in the Victoria University of Wellington School of Psychology, where I am director of the Mind in Context Lab. The term is intended to denote awareness that doing all your studies on this tiny group (approximately 10-15% of human population) may not in fact give … Admission to the graduate program is similar to any research-intensive psychology department in … Religion in the Text and on the Ground: The Convergence of Historiography and Ethnography in Religious Studies The Second Plenary Meeting of the Cultural Evolution of Religion Research Consortium McGill University 8–10 May 2015 About: The 2015 CERC Plenary Meeting, titled... Continue Reading → Norenzayan, Ara, Azim Shariff, Will Gervais, Aiyana Willard, Rita McNamara, Edward Slingerland, and Joseph Henrich. Mostly first-year psychology students. In psychology, WEIRD is an acronym for Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic — a capsule description of the undergraduates that the majority of psychological tests are done on. “The Cultural Evolution of Prosocial Religions,” Behavioral and Brain Sciences (accepted November 2014, forthcoming target article 2015). A recent study by Ara Norenzayan of the University of British Columbia and Azim Shariff of the University of Oregon revealed that, across 186 societies, the larger the typical social group, the more likely it was the culture created a god who monitored and judged human … Applicants for both the MA and PhD programs are required to meet admission and application requirements for both the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies at UBC and the Department of Psychology..

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