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Later, after reuniting with Torn, Cyber Errol was revealed to be the leader of the KG Death Bots as well as the surviving Metal Heads, however the greater threat was from the incoming Dark Maker ship, which Errol sought to control in order to destroy the planet. It was then revealed that two creatures named Lunk and Gleeber were responsible, who set up a competition for the three duos known as the "Inter-Universal Hero Games." Jak grew up in Sandover Village alongside fellow villager Daxter, who became a close acquaintance. Jak's final character would depict a teenage boy with spiky blond hair, blue tunic, and long pointed ears. When Daxter came back out, he was in the form of an ottsel. The metal plate on his left shoulder remains intact for every game. Returning to the Wasteland, Jak defeated Errol and his terraformer. After older Jak passed the trials, young Jak vanished: Kor kidnapped him so that he could open the Precursor Stone for himself. Jak's main love interest throughout the series is Keira. Jak made numerous remarks from that point on, and even in future games such as Jak X: Combat Racing, The Lost Frontier, and PlayStation AllStars: Battle Royale, about how his acts (often going into battle) were "for Damas.". Through betrayal and tyranny, Baron Praxis rose to power as the "temporary" ruler of Haven City and banished Damas to the Wasteland. Jak as he appears in the opening cutscene of Jak II, Between the end of The Precursor Legacy and the start of Jak II, Jak, Daxter, Keira, and Samos moved the rift rider and rift gate back to Sandover Village from the location of the large Precursor door. Jak was born to the Grand House of Mar in Haven City as the son of King Damas. The drinks with which they used to toast to his honor were poisoned. Jak was left to find out how to activate it, where he pressed the ruby button encased in the Heart of Mar (indicating location), which activated the Time Map (indicating time zone displacement). The most noticeable change in Jak's appearance from game-to-game is often his hair, which has ranges from spiky and long to short and rough, in addition to the appearance of his goatee seen in Jak II and onwards, and a possible mustache and beard which can be toggled in The Lost Frontier. The first sketches of Jak depicted a young teenage boy, who wore villager's clothes. Samos, then known as the Shadow, met young Jak when he was an heir to the throne of Haven City. After confronting Cyber Errol, leader of the KG Death Bots, the resurgent metal heads, and communicator with the Dark Makers, Jak managed to destroy the KG war factory that mass-produced the death bots. As noted by one of Naughty Dog's developers, Daxter and Jak's relationship is inseparable, which was brought to further light in Jak 3, when Daxter stayed behind with Jak in the desert, and likewise, Jak stayed behind with Daxter towards the end of the game. "[16], "Naughty Dog's creative director talks about Jak X: Combat Racing", "E3 2001: Naughty Dog Debuts Jak and Daxter", "Guinness' Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time", "Readers' Top 30 Characters Results Revealed", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jak_(Jak_and_Daxter)&oldid=973192011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 22:02. He has long and pointy ears, common to most humans in Jak and Daxter's universe. From then on, Jak worked with a variety of new characters including Krew, a local smuggler and gang-lord, who had apparent connections with the Underground, as well as Onin, a blind soothsayer who knew of Jak's arrival from the past, and was also able to foresee his future. He also saved the world by activating the Planetary Defense System at the fabled "Precursor Core" to destroy the Dark Makers' ship that threatened to ruin the planet. Jak, along with is sidekick Daxter, appeared in the game PlayStation Move Heroes, accompanying characters from similar and affiliated video games, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. The Precursors, revealed to be ottsels, asked him to come with them to protect the universe. Daxter occasionally remarks that it was Jak's fault that he became an Ottsel, nevertheless he always remains a loyal friend to Jak, even during the time Jak had become more aggresive and prone to anger bursts. At some point during these events, an older version of Jak arrived from a different time zone. He went through multiple experiments and injections, changing his previous personality seen in The Precursor Legacy from a quiet, headstrong boy with an apparent mutism disorder, to a bitter, revenge-stricken adolescent. Near the end of their battle, Jak discovered light eco, when four towers surrounding the silo opened up and the four colored ecos inside combined, which could change Daxter back (theoretically) or defeat Gol and Maia and save the world. Eventually they managed to win and retrieve the "eco," which turns out to be "All-Star Power," an unrelated power source. Initial character design began in the year 2000, when Naughty Dog commissioned various artists to "scribble characters" for their next PlayStation 2 title. Jak nearly died, as Damas noted he was preparing to have his monks pray for him. After further revelation, Jak realized he was in the future, and that the Shadow was a younger version of Samos who had yet to be sent into the past (Sandover Village). [15] However, IGN also noted that they liked Jak better in Jak 3 than in Jak II due to his developed maturity; "he wasn't a whiny, brooding emo figure like in the second game. During the first confrontation, the leader of the pirates known as Captain Phoenix got in a fight with Jak. Before entering Haven City however, Jak had an encounter with Count Veger, who activated a Precursor robot, although Jak managed to defeat it. In the intro scene, he has his appearance from The Precursor Legacy but has green hair. Samos took care of young Jak in his war against the city's new ruler, Baron Praxis, though he often left Kor to babysit him. [8] Throughout the game it was clear to the player that Jak and Samos' daughter Keira shared romantic interest, which would develop later in the series. After an unknown amount of time following the events of Jak X: Combat Racing, the world grew unstable due to a sudden eco shortage. Jak did not have any relationship with his father due to their loss of contact since Jak's infancy until they met again at Spargus, at that time neither recognized the other as father and son, as Damas was unaware that Jak had been sent to the past only to return as a young adult. Before this, however, Jak fulfilled the prophecy in killing Kor, the ancient leader of an antagonistic race known as the "Metal Heads", thus saving Haven City and becoming a hero. [1] Bob Rafei proceeded with this concept and designed various concept art poses that would eventually depict a 15-year-old boy[2] with spiky green-blond hair, blue tunic, and athletic physical attributes. The mission of the game then centered towards stopping Gol and Maia and freeing the captive sages, which Jak succeeded in doing, resulting in the death of the evil siblings. In Jak 3, Keira was hardly present, and Jak's main love interest turned to Ashelin Praxis, the governess of Haven City who he first met in Jak II. They went through several more battles, fighting against various strange characters and people. This article may need to be rewritten to conform to a higher standard of, This article is undergoing a major rewrite. Jak also had many aerial combat pursuits during The Lost Frontier. In a siege on Aeropa, Jak finally met up with Skyheed, who also turned into a massive Dark Warrior. The politics of the impeachment remain unknown, however it is known that it was amid the Metal Head Wars. There, they met Krew's daughter Rayn. Veger saw this as an opportunity to rid Haven City of Jak, and therefore found him guilty in association with Krew, who compromised Haven City's security which they thought let the metal heads into the city. He was created by Naughty Dog Inc, and made cross-over appearances in PlayStation Move Heroes and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, serving as one of three protagonists in the game former. Jak continued through the catacombs, activating the Planetary Defense System and traveled to the Dark Maker's ship to stop Cyber Errol, who escaped in a terraformer before the ship was destroyed. Eventually it was revealed that the new planet is actually a teleportation device, intended for the villains to take the heroes' place back home. [9] The new governor of the city, Ashelin Praxis (the Baron's daughter), objected to the verdict, but her protest was overruled by council chairman Count Veger. After Jak defeated Gol and Maia Samos admitted that Jak is indeed an adept hero. Jak, Daxter, and Keira flew out to the other side of the world near the Brink in search of a new source of eco. From his introduction in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to the last Naughty Dog-developed game Jak X: Combat Racing, Jak was voiced by Mike Erwin. Veger hoped to harness Jak's purity to awaken ancient Precursor technology, and managed to kidnap him intermittently before losing him to a new rebel movement coined the Underground, whose sole purpose was to put young Jak back on the throne where he belonged and re-establish the House of Mar as the ruling dynasty of Haven City. The first proposal for Jak, codenamed "the kid.". Jak is a fictional character and primary protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series, and the titular playable character in all games in the series except the spin-off game Daxter.He was created by Naughty Dog Inc, and made cross-over appearances in PlayStation Move Heroes and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, serving as one of three protagonists in the game former. The story of Jak is a convoluted mess. This development team goes by the name Naughty Dog and Jak and Daxter is their first foray into the gaming world sans Crash Bandicoot. Jak is a fictional character and primary protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series, and the titular playable character in all games in the series except the spin-off game Daxter. When Jak first transformed into Dark Jak, Daxter was able to snap Jak out of it. When he finally triumphed in the final race, the antidote was stolen by Mizo (who turned out to be the alter-ego of G.T. Ultimately Rayn escaped but Jak, Daxter, Keira, Torn, and Ashelin were healed. The team defeats the alien duo and manages to use the device for themselves to return home safely. Jak attempted to transform into Dark Jak, however the eco storms made the task excruciatingly painful and he only got midway through the transformation process. This opened the Gate, which inadvertently released the metal heads from an unknown location and caused a swarm of metal heads to attack Sandover Village, starting the second of the two Metal Head Wars. He does not re-obtain the JET-Board or Morph Gun in The Lost Frontier, and instead gains the use of a Gunstaff similar in appearance to his father's. Jak and Daxter, while both sharing a titular role in the game, have been close friends throughout the series. Jak's main father figure throughout the series is Samos Hagai, who raised him since he was an infant. Keira was able to repair their Hellcat airship, and they began to further their journey when they witnessed a large flagship known as the ACS Behemoth calling for help as they were being attacked by Sky Pirates.

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