candy cane creepypasta

Good examples are: Porcelain Lady, Humpty  and Daemorionets. Candy pop cosplay. This form is also stolen from the original entity who was a Noctubi titled ''Night Terror''.

His personality can be best described as split, multiple or disorganized but the overall way to pin-point who he is, is simply the idea of good vs evil within one man, one spirit and soul.

This form is not always used to combat because he uses this to attack his opponents when they are in their sleep; Mostly humans. The original Candy Pop was a genyr. i might draw him in this outfit a few times since this is an alternate to hi... Crazy outfit of candy pop, Verse: Creepypasta Name: Candy Pop Alias: Candy, Pop/Poppy, Nights Real Name: Night Terrors Current Age: Ageless Gender:&... Candy Pop (Creepypasta version bio), The cannibal Jester twins, Candy Pop and Candy Cane. He was considered a zany jester figure by his fellow genyrs due to his title of genyr of amusement.

However, because this specific form is classified as a dark draconian he can manipulate darkness as a Draco. Many Demon forms - Because he has so many demon forms listing them down is impossible much like the amount of appearances he has for humans but he has a vast majority of evil spirits inside him he can use or shape into whenever he sees it necessary some forms may be stronger or weaker than others.

Take this first Which female creepypasta is yandere for you? It should be known that Night Terrors was a cluster demon, meaning he could absorb the souls of living beings (humans, demons or other entities) into himself. He has gotten away with so many schemes and even when he was in a tight predicament thanks to Candy Pop he managed to proceed with his wickedness. Type Of Pasta
He laughs at the suffering of others and loves mocking and taunting his victims. He does this by making a contract with a woman, impregnating her and then killing her after she gives birth to the child.

He can shapeshift into them continuously and even go as far as to change between bodies and appearances to combine dangerous attacks against his enemy of different elements and faces. He doesn't take the children away, he needs his minions to have human intellect for his own benefit. Candy Pop is a creepypasta character that appears in the stories "The Purple Balloon", "The Darkest Truth" and "Candy Pop and Candy Cane".

Candy Pop was never to gaze at the black mirror as the demon king could easily morph into one of his loved ones.

He has an extraordinary evil genius strategies that rarely ever go wrong unless someone predicts what he is plotting before he does it.

Sometimes playful, sometimes evil and sometimes even sad, you will never understand or grasp who he really is or what he really is because within there's two souls fighting for dominance.

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